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Today is a day of victory for me….I completed my first ever 5K this morning – in the pouring rain.  And while it may not seem that noteworthy to most, it marks a major milestone in a journey that I’ve been on for the past 10 months.  Last October I sat in my orthopedic Dr’s office as he gave me the grim report….the arthritis in my knees & feet was progressing, and there was no cure – I could expect to live on anti-inflammatory meds and steriod injections for the remainder of my life.  He said, and I quote, “If you don’t need total knee replacement before your 60th birthday, I will leave my church and join yours!”  I decided to take that as a challenge!

Walking had become increasingly difficult, and my knees were frequently buckling out from under me because of the strain on my ligaments.  Running was out of the question.  I never even mentioned to the doctor that I was starting to feel it in my right hip and wrists as well.  Funny thing was, I had been in that very same office 20 years earlier, as a Dr. confirmed that my son had been miraculously healed of a hollow bone in his arm.  (But that’s another story)

I left there feeling pretty frustrated, but somewhere on the ride home I felt my faith starting to rise up.  I was NOT going to accept this.  I went home and started a journal…on the cover I wrote “Healed of Arthritis”.  I began writing in it every day…scriptures that I was meditating on, things I felt the Lord was telling me to do, what I was eating, etc.  He started showing me changes that I needed to make in my spiritual life as well as my physical one.  I also went looking for an evangelist friend of mine that I knew would get in agreement with me and NEVER back down, no matter what the circumstances may look like.  I found him on a Friday night, holding a tent revival in an open field.  There were only a handful of people there, including an older black gentleman playing minor chords on a portable keyboard leading us in singing a classic Shirley Ceasar song, “Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name.”  If people had realized how much annointing there was under that old tent, the sick would have been lined up for miles.  I asked Rev. John Miller to pray for me, and it felt like I got hit by a bolt of lightning!

I have gotten progressively better since that night.  When I started Couch to 5K eight weeks ago, I could barely run the 30 second stretches.  I seriously thought about just giving it up – but I kept pressing.  I saw a story this morning on Good Morning America about the great Diana Nyad, a long-distance swimmer that sings to herself to stay encouraged while swimming across the ocean…..I was singing an old Kenneth Copeland song, “I Will Not Be Defeated, And I Will Not Quit!”

When I got up this morning to make my final run on this program, the rain was pouring.  My first thought was to just curl up with my coffee and enjoy my day off from work.  Besides, I turned 52 yesterday…isn’t that a great excuse to stay in?  But I heard this voice on the inside of me that said, “People that are afraid to get a little wet will never reach their full potential.”   I put on my shoes and headed out the door.  I ran for a full 30 minutes.  My knees and feet did not hurt.  I hope my Dr wasn’t too set on staying at his church…..(taken from my personal journal, dated 8/20/2012).


Hi!  My name is Leslie McKemie and I am a Christian Health Coach.   If you are struggling with any area of your health and fitness, I want to help you turn that around!  I have spent more than 30 years in ministry and have an Associates Degree in Theology from Life Christian University.  I have also completed Personal Trainer Certification classes at my local community college, am certified as a Health Coach through the Institute for Nutritional Leadership, and am working on my certification in aromatherapy at the Aromahead Institute…if you count all the books, blogs, YouTube videos, and money that I have gone through, I should be a doctor by now! (Sigh…)

If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to fitness.  We all have different goals, interests, food tolerances, and resources.  While one person may be looking to achieve perfectly sculpted abs, someone else might just want to be able to walk to the mailbox without getting winded.  One person can afford to spend whatever they like on equipment, supplements, and fancy lettuces, while another may be on a tighter budget.   The good news is that regardless of your current situation, there are some very basic steps to start turning your health around!   And the BEST news is that God has provided for our healing and has an answer to whatever our obstacles are!

If you managed to stumble upon this site, you are probably well aware of the avalanche of diet fads, fitness trends, and expert opinions that flood the marketplace.  So what makes my “expert opinion” any different from all the others?  Well nothing really, because each point of view usually has some merit to it.  But what I do try to do is bring a “moderation in all things” approach into the mix…and knowing how we were created to thrive helps to bring balance in all that we do.

I have also pretty much tried it all!  I have bought the equipment (most to be sold for pennies at a yard sale later, and those few pieces that I would never part with) I have used the supplement line, and I have been yelled at (I mean encouraged) by the trainers!  Most importantly, I have seen the miraculous power of God to heal…both instantly, and through the process of recovery over a period of time.  If there is one thing that I am certain of, it is that He never fails!




Pressing toward the mark,